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A Guide to Pig Production at Farm Level

RWF 4,600

This book is a set of practical guidelines aimed at helping farmers in their investment and routine work. It covers all important aspects of Pig production.

A Handbook on Livestock Nutrition

RWF 5,000

A Handbook on Livestock Nutrition deals with livestock nutrition, feeds and feeding of ruminants and pigs.

Fish Farming as a Business

RWF 5,000

Fish Farming as A Business is designed for commercial fish farmers and aquaculture students in Africa and information put in such a way that can be understood by persons with no formal training in fish farming/aquaculture.

Passion Fruit Manual : Pests, Insects and Diseases

RWF 7,500 RWF 5,900

The Passion Fruit Manual is based on an understanding of pests, insects and diseases affecting the passion fruit plant. It uses pictures and simple illustrations to explain to farmers how they can maximize their production and financial rewards from passion fruit growing.

Piggery Manual

RWF 7,500

Piggery Manual is based on hands on experience, extensive research and one on one interactions with over 200 practising farmers at different stages/levels of pig production to create a blue print that any one in pig production will find useful.

Poultry Digest

RWF 7,500

The Poultry Digest is intended to deepen your understanding on poultry production with sections on egg and broiler production including feeding and nutrition, housing, general poultry husbandry, bird health and business planning.

Poultry Farming as a Business: A Practical Guide

RWF 6,800

Poultry Farming as a Business deals with types of chicken reared , poultry management systems, poultry houses and equipment, poultry nutrition and health, management of broilers, and egg-type chickens or layers of local/indigenous chickens as well as turkeys and ducks and records of a poultry enterprise.

Tomato Manual : Production, Processing and Marketing

RWF 7,500

The Tomato Manual is based on hands on hands on experience, extensive research and one on one interactions with over 100 tomato farmers at different levels of production.

Transfer of Agricultural Technology

RWF 11,900

This book delves into extension methodologies for transfer of agricultural technology. Is is suitable for undergraduate and post graduate students in faculties of agriculture, policy makers and practitioners in agriculture extension education.

Zero Grazing : A Guide to Increased Dairy Production

RWF 6,800

Zero Grazing is a system of dairy production whereby the dairy cows are kept in a stall all the time and feed and water are brought to them. Animals are not taken for grazing, instead pasture is cut and taken to the animals to eat.