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A Guide to Pig Production at Farm Level

RWF 4,600

This book is a set of practical guidelines aimed at helping farmers in their investment and routine work. It covers all important aspects of Pig production.

A Handbook on Livestock Nutrition

RWF 5,000

A Handbook on Livestock Nutrition deals with livestock nutrition, feeds and feeding of ruminants and pigs.

Agrocares Scanner

RWF 3,075,000

AgroCares Scanner is easy to use hand held tool that helps you to know the nutrient status of your soil, leaf or feed. It gives you your real-time nutrient testing results and recommendations as a report on your smart phone and hence allows you to make crucial decisions about s

CAB Hive

RWF 99,000

The CAB Hive is a modern version of the langstroth hive specifically made to suit the African Bee.

Double Honey Sieve

RWF 40,500 RWF 35,500

The Double Honey Sieve is suitable for sieving honey to a quality desired by the markets. The round flat sieve traps larger particles while the round deep one traps any fine residues of wax due to honey processing.

Fish Farming as a Business

RWF 5,000

Fish Farming as A Business is designed for commercial fish farmers and aquaculture students in Africa and information put in such a way that can be understood by persons with no formal training in fish farming/aquaculture.


RWF 155,900

The flexipump is a simple water pump, designed primarily for small scale irrigation, though it can be used wherever water needs to be pumped.